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INVITA SKIN BEAUTY 60 pcs - Product description

Invita Skin Beauty is a food supplement with unique composition. It includes micronized algae, lyophilisate of tertiary fish collagen and natural derivative of vitamin E (D-α-tocopherol acetate) extracted from soy beans. Invita Skin Beauty components are in the form of organic compounds highly digestible so that the formulation is a synergistic source of nutrients including collagen, vitamin E and iodine. Invita Skin Beauty stimulates collagenogenesis processes. Iodine helps to maintain thyroid function and healthy skin, and Vitamin E supports the protection of cells against oxidative stress. Collagen helps to maintain normal structure and elasticity. This is the only currently produced dietary supplement, feed protein of which was obtained by freeze-drying of hydrate collagen, which consist of the retaining triple helix conformations, molecules isolated directly from fish skin. A mixture prepared from the above ingredients is closed in fish gelatine capsules, which are then packed in blister packs of 10 pieces. Finished blisters are packed in cardboard boxes which constitute sales packaging.


• Collagen nourishes the skin from the inside, making it flexible and elastic.

• Collagen helps to maintain the normal structure of the skin.

• Vitamin E slows the aging process of tissues by protecting them against oxidative stress.

• Iodine helps maintain healthy skin.

Composition (INCI)

Algae (Fucus vesiculosus), collagen, vitamin E (D-alpha-tocopheryl acetate) from soya, fish gelatine - capsule, citric lyophilizate – carrier.


Collagen - is the most important protein in the human body, and the main component of connective tissue. It is responsible among others directly for the skin condition. It is produced and serviced by generating cells: fibroblasts, and chondrocytes. Condition of body collagen determines the biological age of man, which can be easily observed on the basis of changes in the appearance of the skin. Collagen, which is the main component of Invita Skin Beauty is a lyophilisate of a unique hydrate of tropocollagen from fish skin, with a structure of chains α 1 and α 2 almost identical to the human ones. Bioaccessible collagen contained in Invita Skin Beauty provides peptides, free amino acids and hydro amino acids including hydroxyproline, the content of which in lyophilized protein reaches the value of 11%.

Vitamin E - found in many dietary supplements because it is the best-known and very effective anti-oxidant. Operation of synthetic vitamin E in comparison with the one generated from natural sources is very poor. Invita Skin Beauty contains D-alpha-tocopherol acetate - form of vitamin E obtained from a natural source, which are soybeans and which exhibits a high biological activity.

The choice of Vitamin E for Invita Skin Beauty composition was determined by its properties.

Vitamin E protects against the degeneration of the most important bastion of youth and vitality - the genetic code of skin cell - the DNA. Therefore, this vitamin is considered an important factor in inhibiting the aging process.

Sea algaes (Fucus vesiculosus) - are extracted from the clear waters of the Brehat archipelago at the coast of France. Algae used in the manufacture of our food supplement have not been accidentally selected for the composition of Invita Skin Beauty out of many plant extracts.

They contain a high iodine content, which occurs naturally in marine algae, and which meets its most important purpose as a structural component of the thyroid hormones and assists in its proper functioning. In addition, iodine affects the maintenance of the structure of the skin. The role of iodine is also important to maintain the proper energy metabolism.


The Book an Integrated Management System of

Quality, Food Safety and GMP Cosmetics







6. Nutritious value

1 capsule (397 mg) 2 capsules (794 mg) 100 g

Energetic value 4,77 kJ / 1,14 kcal 9,54 kJ / 2,28 kcal 1202 kJ / 287


Fat 0,01 g 0,02 g 2,8 g

Saturated fatty acids 0,003 g 0,006 g 0,8 g

Carbohydrates 0,08 g 0,16 g 20,4 g

Sugars 0,05 g 0,09 g 11,5 g

Fibre 0,10 g 0,21 g 26,1 g

Protein 0,13 g 0,25 g 31,9 g

Salt 0,01 g 0,02 g 2,4 g

Collagen 0,10 g 0,20 g 25,2 g

Vitamin E 6 mg equivalent of

alfa-tocopherol (50 %


12 mg equivalent of


(100% RDA)

1,7 g

Algae Fucus vesiculosus

including Iodine

0,10 g

45 g (30 % RDA)

0,20 g

90 g (60 % RDA)

25,2 g

0,014 g

RDA - % recommended daily intake for adults

Application method

1-2 capsules a day during or after a meal. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake during the day. The product is a supplement, but not a substitute for a varied diet. Balanced diet and a healthy lifestyle are important for maintaining proper health. Do not use in case of hypersensitivity to any component of the formulation.

Storage conditions

Keep in a the dry and darkened place, in the room temperature. Keep away from small children.

Expiry date on the bottom of the package.


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