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Natural Collagen Inventia Face is designed for the intensive care of all skin types. However, it is particularly recommended for facial and neckline care of mature, dry and sensitive skin. Intended for use both in beauty salons and at home, it is a semi-liquid gel in shades ranging from clear white to pearl grey. The gel form allows for easy application and spreading.

We recommend Natural Collagen Inventia Body for body care, and Natural Collagen Inventia Hair&Nails for hair and nail care, as well as to complement bathing.


  • Improves the firmness of skin, which minimises visible lines
  • Stimulates the body to produce its own collagen
  • Enhances the general appearance of skin
  • Visibly increases moisture levels
  • Heightens the water-binding capacity of skin
  • Creates a protective film on the skin to prevent moisture loss
  • Successfully reduces skin roughness, improving smoothness and elasticity
  • Gently exfoliates the epidermis, accelerates regeneration, brightens and evens its colour
  • Highly absorbable
  • Very well tolerated by skin
  • It is not a source of prions
  • Characterised by a very high purity scale
  • Does not include parabens or preservatives!

Composition (INCI)

Aqua, Collagen, Caprylyl Glycol, Elastin, Lactic Acid.


Collagen – a protein that constitutes approx. 30% of the total weight of human proteins, and as much as 70% of skin proteins. Together with elastin, collagen creates an elastic mesh in the dermis to make skin firm and supple, and provides support for fibroblasts. Furthermore, collagen has an excellent water-binding capacity, thus contributing to correct skin moisture levels.

Collagen stimulates revitalisation processes, deeply regenerates and moisturises, and generally improves skin texture.

Elastin – a protein occurring alongside collagen. Together, these proteins form an elastic mesh in the dermis to make skin firm and supple, and provide support for fibroblasts.

Caprylyl glycol – a synthetic substance that has an identical chemical structure to a natural compound. Due to its structure, this ingredient functions as a moisturising agent (humectant) and gently lubricates the skin. The presence of a short-chain fatty acid facilitates absorption of the preparation deep into the skin and, because of its gentle lubrication, prevents water loss.

Lactic acid – a fruit acid from the alpha hydroxy acid (AHA) group. Lactic acid is a ‘green’ raw material as it is obtained from natural sources and is completely biodegradable. The acid is biotechnologically produced, via sugar fermentation by lactic acid bacteria (Lactobacillus). It should be noted that the substance has GRAS status, which means it is Generally Recognised As Safe.

Depending on the concentration, lactic acid may act as an exfoliating, regenerating or moisturising agent (in the quantity present in our collagen it has moisturising and regenerating properties). The acid works best at pH 3-4 (the value present in our product). Clinical studies have shown that preparations including fruit acids positively influence the condition and appearance of skin; such preparations are especially recommended for those with dry skin and/or visible signs of ageing.

Excessive build-up of epidermal cells makes skin thick and matt. Lactic acid is a small molecule, which is why it easily penetrates the skin. The acid loosens the corneocyte layer of the epidermis (dissolving the substance holding individual cells together) and helps its exfoliation. This process results in the regulation of the epidermis, which involves the stimulated regeneration of deeper cells, mostly fibroblasts responsible for collagen and elastin synthesis. Furthermore, regular use of fruit acids improves the skin’s water accumulation capacity, due to the increased level of epidermal ceramides produced as a result of biosynthesis being stimulated by AHAs. Fruit acids not only fail to damage the skin’s protective barrier, they actually improve it significantly. An increased quantity of water and fibrillar proteins in deeper skin layers is manifested through smoothed wrinkles and lines on the surface of the skin, and via its all-round improved appearance.

Preparations with lactic acid are highly recommended in the summer and winter, when the skin is affected by sun or frost and requires special care, e.g. the elimination of small wrinkles or brightening of pigment spots.

Another benefit of lactic acid is the fact that it is an effective aid to percutaneous passage, i.e. it facilitates the absorption of other substances, including nutritional and regenerative materials.

Application method

Apply a small amount of gel onto cleansed, damp facial skin. Pat gently into the skin. Once it is absorbed, use the right cream for your skin type to prevent the sensation of skin tightness. Best results are guaranteed if the correct cream from the Inventia Polish Technologies Ltd. range is applied.


Hypoallergenic product. The product should not be used by people with acute skin inflammations that require pharmacological treatment, or by people with hypersensitivity to any component of the preparation. Avoid contact with eyes.

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