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We present you an elegant and luxurious set with Natural Collagen Inventia. There are not spared any resources to create this range of products in it. Perfectly selected by working products, our Collagen Perfect Skin Set (Perfection Skin Regeneration Set) looks tempting. Each product also comes individually packaged, nicely placed in a luxury box. It's the perfect gift for a loved one or a prize for you.


  • Natural Collagen Inventia Face 30 ml
  • Collagen Vitalising Milk 100ml
  • Collagen Soothing Toner 125ml
  • Collagen Day Cream 50ml
  • Collagen Night Cream 50ml

Natural Collagen Inventia Face 

Natural Collagen Inventia® Face is designed for the intensive care of all skin types. However, it is particularly recommended for facial and neckline care of mature, dry and sensitive skin. Intended for use both in beauty salons and at home, it is a semi-liquid gel in shades ranging from clear white to pearl grey. The gel form allows for easy application and spreading. We recommend Natural Collagen Inventia® Body for body care, and Natural Collagen Inventia® Hair&Nails for hair and nail care, as well as to complement bathing.

  • Improves the firmness of skin, which minimises visible lines.
  • Stimulates the body to produce its own collagen.
  • Enhances the general appearance of skin.
  • Visibly increases moisture levels.
  • Heightens the water-binding capacity of skin.
  • Creates a protective film on the skin to prevent moisture loss.

Collagen Vitalising Milk

Extraordinarily mild emulsion for make-up removal intended for every type of skin, especially for sensitive and demanding complexion. Being a delicate preparation based on exceptionally mild, selected active ingredients, the milk is very well-tolerated by skin. The milk contains active ingredients, such as: Collagen, Matrixyl® 3000, Moist 24TM, Borage oil, Vitamin E, D-panthenol, Allantoin and Aloe extract. Such rich formulation guarantees exceptional effects of the cosmetic. Collagen Vitalizing Milk thoroughly removes any impurities, providing at the same time exceptional feeling of comfort. It regulates the functions of skin and softens irritation. It moisturises and nourishes the skin, recovering it natural colour and firmness. It prepares the skin for further cosmetic procedures.

  • Effectively and delicately removes impurities.
  • Cares, moisturises and firms the skin.
  • Soothes and softens irritation.

Collagen Soothing Toner

Gentle, alcohol-free facial toner. Recommended for all skin types, particularly for demanding skin prone to irritation. Contains Collagen, D-panthenol, Aloe Vera and Noni extracts. Its formula rich in active provides perfect toning, moisturising and skin refreshing effects. Prevents flaking of the epidermis. It helps restore the natural hydrolipid balance in the epidermis as well as correct pH. The Toner has an anti-bacterial, skin strengthening and stimulating effect.

  • Improves skin hydration.
  • Restores the correct pH balance of the skin.
  • Cleans, refreshes and tones the skin.
  • Has a soothing and anti-inflammatory action.

Collagen Day Cream

Intensive nourishing and regeneration Collagen Day Cream with Collagen and Matrixyl® 3000 providing powerful anti-wrinkle properties, for all skin types, particularly recommended for tired and very dry skin. It also moisturizes the skin and protects it against loss of moisture. It leaves the skin smoother, improves its firmness and elasticity and makes wrinkles visibly shallower. Vitamin E and Aloe and Noni extracts nourish the skin, giving it a good, healthy colour. D-panthenol, Allantoin and extract of Centella asiatica calm irritations and soothe inflammatory conditions, while Borage oil and Sojadine make the skin elastic, removing roughness and the tendency to peel. The preparation intensively nourishes, smoothens and moisturizes the skin, leaving it relaxed and naturally radiant.

  • Powerful anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Prolonged regeneration and nourishment.
  • Cares for the skin, calms irritations.
  • Moisturizes, tones and smoothens.

Collagen Night Cream

Collagen Night Cream is an intensively regenerating night cream, suitable for all skin types, particularly for dry, tired and stressed out skin, lacking firmness, freshness and vitality. The cosmetic’s unique composition ensures proper nourishment, hydration and regeneration of the skin. It improves skin tension, resilience and elasticity. Owing to Collagen and Matrixyl® 3000, the preparation effectively prevents premature ageing, reduces deep wrinkles and eliminates fine lines. Lemon balm extract tones the skin and regulates sebum production. Lemon balm and D-panthenol also calm irritations and reduce proneness to irritation. The skin becomes velvety smooth and soft. It looks healthy and fresh.

  • Intensively regenerates and nourishes.
  • Displays anti-wrinkle properties.
  • Moisturizes, tones and firms.
  • Gives velvety smoothness.

Following the implementation of the full program Collagen Perfect Skin Set (Perfection Skin Regeneration Set), you will feel and see your skin smooth and nourished after little more than five weeks. Fine lines are significantly reduced and youthful radiance is in full force. You will want to see how you will look after several months of continuous use!

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